Thursday, November 8, 2012

EEOC Cases Against Central Valley Employers

This morning, Anna Park with the EEOC, described several cases the Agency has prosecuted.  Three of them were against Central Valley employers.

Delano Regional Medical Center recently settled a case after preventing Filapino employees from speaking their native language.  The medical center did not prohibit other employees from speaking their native languages.

The EEOC sued ABM Industries after a supervisor sexually assaulted female workers.  The company attempted to defend itself by showing its anti-harassment policy.  However, none of the employees, including managers, could articulate the company's policy.

Olam Industries was prepared to hire an employee until she told them she was pregnant.  The job offer was then revoked.  Apparently, there were emails between the staffing agency that assisted in recruiting and Olam suggesting that the job should not be given to the applicant who was pregnant.

There are some good lessons to learn from these cases.  I recommend that employers attend our training seminars to learn how to avoid EEOC prosecutions.

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