Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Last Blog ... Here ... So Go There

Over the past few months we have developed a new website at Fishman, Larsen, Goldring & Zeitler.  I hope you like it.  We recently added our blogs as part of our website development.  So from now on, I will blog from there.  Just click here and you will be transported to my new blog page. 

When you arrive at the new web page, click the button next to "Alert me when new articles are available" and complete the sign-in information. 

I hope you enjoy the new format.  You are welcome to sign up for our other blogs too. 

To encourage you to sign up for the alerts, I have posted a blog about a situation at Kaweah Delta hospital.  I will send a Starbucks card to you if you are the first to sign up and answer the question:  What are the two theories to impose liability on the employer because of the bad acts of employees?  The answer is in the blog. 

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