Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What is All the Fuss About the Want Ad

The news has reported on a want ad for a line could at FARMBloomington.  The news is reporting that the want ad is over the line, "horrible"  and "way out of line."  It imposes too many demands on line cooks who are underpaid and overworked.  Read the story here

I don't buy it.  While a few of the 44 entries do merit some scrutiny, most of the entries appear to be valid requirements of any job.  For example, it asks employees to show up early and work hard through the shift.  It asks employees not to complain and to do things the right way without cutting corners. 

I know many employers who would be thrilled if employees arrived at work on time ... regularly, did not take so much sick time, worked smartly throughout the day, and maintained a positive attitude.  Rather, they often get stuck with complainers, whiners and blamers. 

I had an interesting conversation with my 10 year old boy as we were working last Saturday.  I told him I was sorry that our work was taking so long, and that it was hot, and that we were not getting to the fun part of Saturday soon enough.  He responded, "Don't worry dad.  Don't you say that work is supposed to be hard?  That's what makes work work." 

Wow!  Now if we could only teach our employees that work is difficult, and fulfilling as well. 

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