Thursday, March 28, 2013

ObamaCare -- A Few Bites At The Law

ObamaCare ... passed by the Democratically-controlled Legislature overnight with no one reading it.  (Remember the Nancy Pelosi quote, "We'll have to read it to see what's in it"?)  Now over 20,000 of regulations attempting to clarify what the 2,000 page legislation means.  (It's getting better isn't it?) 

Regardless of political persuasions, business has the unenviable task of complying with the law.  And it reminds me of the question "How do you eat an elephant?"  The answer, of course, is "One bite at a time."  I think that understanding and complying with ObamaCare will happen one bite at a time. 

At FLGZ we plan on holding some training courses for businesses on complying with ObamaCare.  If you are not yet, but wish to be on our e-mail list and receive notices about this and other training courses, please contact our office and ask to be placed on the "Legal Beagle Bagel Breakfast list. 

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy reading a 3-page article put together by Roth Staffing.  Tim Conboy is a friend of mine who works for a division of Roth.  He allowed me to post a link to this article.  It won't answer all of your questions.  But you will understand at least a few bits of the enormous elephant law we call ObamaCare. 

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