Friday, December 14, 2012

Shoes Reveal the Woman

My closet contains four pairs of shoes.  I have two pair for work (black and brown), one for casual events, and a pair of tennis shoes.  In contrast, my wife has lots of shoes.  So do my daughters.  Women love shoes!  It's all good. 

As it turns out shoes often reveal the true character (and physical agility) of women. 

Many news outlets are reporting a story about Modupe Adunni Martin.  She claimed an ankle injury as a result of a work-related incident.  a custodian in San Mateo, she claims she was unable to walk for six months without the aid of crutches.  After medical assessments did not substantiate her claim, the workers' compensation insurer videotaped a day in the life of Ms. Martin. 

As it turns out, the insurer picked a good day to videotape Ms. Martin.  She met a boyfriend in a public park.  She ran to him wearing high heels.  She then knelt down and performed a sex act on him.  (I guess it was a good day for him too.)  Doctors say Ms. Martin could not have engaged in those activities had she really sustained an ankle injury. 

Ms. Martin pled guilty to workers' compensation fraud.  She is spending 9 months in jail, is on probation for 3 years, and must repay $79,000. 

My question is why she wasn't also convicted of engaging in lewd acts in public places? 

And just what did those high heels look like?  Perhaps you will find out when you google Ms. Martin. 

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