Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Does March Madness Cost You?

I am a BYU alumnus.  My team played Tuesday at 6 pm California time, after the workday.  By the way, BYU overcame the biggest deficit in NCAA tournament history -- 25 points and won. 

BYU is on TV, and the Internet (CBS Sports if you are interested) right now -- smack in the middle of the workday.  62 other teams play today and tomorrow and I guarantee your company has a few alums of the schools in the tournament.  But they won't be watching, right???  Wrong!

I am told 8.4 million hours will be lost from workplaces this month due to the Madness.  This equates to $192 million lost. 

What do you do?  Do you monitor employees computer use?  Do you tolerate it?  Perhaps you go one step further -- to create camaraderie at work you sponsor a pool and bet on the games. 

I hope you don't sponsor betting pools.  But you can be sure your employees are part of a few of them!  You certainly have a few things to consider.

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